Italian Language

Italian Language (A1-Part I & A1-Part II)

Private ( A1-Part I) ( A1-Part II)
18 hrs. 16 hrs.
Group ( A1-Part I) ( A1-Part II)
30 hrs. 30 hrs.

The ILC Course Outlines provide a learning framework for the ILC Foreign

Language. They are designed to provide you with a good idea of what you might cover over 34 hrs. for private training and 60 hrs. for group and include typical themes, grammar and vocabulary fields. They are flexible rather than prescriptive, in that our teachers may decide to adapt their learning plans to the specific level, aims and interests of their classes. Use the tabs below to view the  relevant Turkish course outline

Unit Theme Grammar Speaking
Alphabet, Pronunciation,

Vowels, Syllables

Introduction Numbers, Plural Suffix, Basic

Questions (What, Who, Where)

Basic Introduction and Greetings
Family, House,


Present Continuous Tense,

Versions of Nouns (5 types), Adverbs

A day of someone
Daily Life, Time,

How Much, How Many, Where, When

Past Tense, Time Adverbial ·                 What did you do yesterday?

·                 Colors

·                 Basic Shopping Conversation

Around Us Possessive Suffix, Future Tense ·                 Basic Definitions of Around-City-Street

·                 Basics on the Phone Conversation

Occupations Noun Clauses ·                 Occupations

·                 Parts of Body

·                 Physical Appearance

Travelling Special Suffix ·                 Preferences

·                 Who I am?

·                 Climates

Communication Phrases (According to, in my

opinion etc.), Adjectives, Superiority

·                General Communication methods via different tools
Holiday General Wrap Up ·                 General World of Words for any type of holidays

At this Level, Grammar should be covered and revised according to the students’ needs

Skills Work

  • Speaking activities: Using classroom conversation regularly
  • Simple chats
  • Listening activities
  • Writing practice: Describing pictures, finding differences between pictures,
  • Basic rules of pronunciation
  • Pronunciation of the letters in the alphabet