Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Advanced


Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Advanced

Lesson 1.1: Outlining and Grouping Data
Lesson 1.2: Exploring Scenarios
Lesson 1.3: Using Data Analysis Tools
Lesson 1.4: Using Solver
Lesson 1.5: Excel and Hyperlinks

Lesson 2.1: Getting Started with PivotTables
Lesson 2.2: Working with PivotTable Data
Lesson 2.3: Formatting a PivotTable
Lesson 2.4: Using the Classic PivotTable Layout
Lesson 2.5: Advanced PivotTable Tasks
Lesson 2.6: Using PowerPivot

Lesson 3.1: Getting Started with PivotCharts
Lesson 3.2: Using the PivotChart Tools Tabs
Lesson 3.3: Formatting a PivotChart
Lesson 3.4: Advanced PivotChart Tasks

Lesson 4.1: Using Advanced Functions
Lesson 4.2: Using the VLOOKUP Function
Lesson 4.3: Using Custom AutoFill Lists
Lesson 4.4: Linking, Consolidating, and Combining Data