Microsoft Excel 2019 Level 2


Microsoft Excel 2019 Level 2


• Create basic spreadsheets
• Select and edit data
• Perform basic formatting
• Open, close and save files
• Create basic formulas – AutoSum
• Use Insert Function to create built-in functions
• Work with absolute references
• Use the AutoFill feature

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Calculate with advanced formulas
• Audit formulas using the auditing tools
• Work with Excel tables
• Organise worksheet data so that data can be sorted and filtered
• Create and modify Charts
• Create Excel templates
• Apply Conditional Formatting
• Analyse data with Recommended Pivot Tables


• Use Excel’s Quick Analysis Tools
• Using Mixed References in Calculations
• Work with Range Names
• Calculating across Worksheets
• Exploring Excel’s Function Categories
• Analysing Data Based on Criteria
• Working with Text Functions
• Calculating with Financial Functions
• Using Logical Functions
• Applying Lookup Functions

• Finding Cells
• Finding and Resolving Errors
• Using the Watch Window
• Evaluating a Formula

• Introducing Excel Tables
• Using Advanced Table Tools

• Apply Basic Sorting to a Data Range
• Advanced Sorting
• Summaries Data with Subtotals

• Understanding Charts
• Create a Chart
• Modify and Format a Chart
• Analyze Data Using Sparklines

• Create a Hyperlink
• Adding Comments
• Work with Templates

• Applying Basic Filters
• Advanced Filters
• Use Database Functions
• Use Outlines to Organize Data

• Conditional Formatting
• Customizing Conditional Formatting
• Sorting and Filtering by Color

• Understanding Pivot Tables
• Analyze Data with Recommended Pivot Tables

• SmartArt
• Insert Images into a Spreadsheet
• Insert Shapes into a Spreadsheet
• Group and Layer Graphics

This course covers some of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students prepare for the Word 2019 Exam and the Word 2019 Expert Exam.