Digital Marketing

  • Duration: 20 hours

Digital Marketing Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Digital Marketing
Lesson 2: Understanding Design Concept for Online Visualization
Lesson 3: Understanding the Importance of Digital Marketing in Business
Lesson 4: Analyzing Organization and Integrate Digital Marketing Strategies
Lesson 5: Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Online Presence Strategies
Lesson 6: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Lesson 7: Content Marketing Strategy Development
Lesson 8: Email Marketing and Best Practices
Lesson 9: Understanding Mobile Marketing
Lesson 10: Pay per Click (PPC) Strategy
Lesson 11: Web Conversion Rate Optimization
Lesson 12: Digital Marketing and Analytics
Lesson 13: Marketing Automation Best Practices
Lesson 14: Tools – Google Analytics
Lesson 15: Tools – Google Adwords Fundamental
Lesson 16: Tools – YouTube and Video Marketing
Lesson 17: Digital Marketing Strategy Development
Lesson 18: Digital Marketing Reporting and Policy