Adobe Premiere cc 2019

  • Duration: 25 hours

Adobe Premiere cc 2019

Video editing is the art of assembling video, audio, images and titles into a cohesive sequence that tells your story and the last part of the video production process. This course is designed to enable you to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing projects for social media, websites, product demonstrations to corporate videos and other promotional or educational purposes and to get your idea and message across with maximum impact using the powerful and flexible video editing capabilities of the software. The course starts with a general introduction to introduce participants to the types of videos and resolutions, image format, and audio, after that they will learn the advanced techniques and tools of the software by covering the techniques for importing assets, editing techniques, creating titles, applying and working with effects, adding and editing transitions, analyzing and stabilizing footage, Chroma keying, advanced editing techniques, motion, audio, and exporting for broadcast, web, social media and mobile devices.

What you will learn

• Understanding the fundamental roles of Adobe Premiere Pro.
• Setting up and manage a project and importing and organizing media.
• Mastering the essentials of video editing.
• Working with clips and makers.
• Learning advanced editing techniques.
• Adding transitions, putting clips in motion, and adding video effects.
• Editing and mixing audio.
• Improving clips with color correction.
• Exporting frames, clips, and sequences.

Main Topics

• Introduction To Premiere Pro
• Importing Assets
• Basic Editing Techniques
• Creating Titles
• Working With Effects
• Transitions
• Stabilizing Footage
• Chroma Keying
• Advanced Editing
• Introduction Motion
• Audio
• Exporting
• Final Project