Adobe Illustrator cc 2019

  • Duration: 16 hours

Adobe Illustrator cc 2019
Basic & Intermediate

Adobe Illustrator CC (Creative Clouds) is the world’s most powerful drawing (vector-based) program for creating attractive illustrations, Logos, cartoons, maps, advertisements from scratch in a professional way to provide creative solutions. It is the industry standard application for print & web
The Adobe Illustrator course offers step by step instructions, classroom exercises and discussions for working with objects and perspective objects in depth, applying effects to your design, working with graphics, effectively applying blending, using patterns drawing and painting,

What you will learn

• Focusing on the advanced features of Illustrator.
• Discovering new tricks in using illustrator.
• Learning how to use illustrator to create real world projects.
• Working with Object and perspective objects in depth.
• Mastering the art of applying effects to your design.
• Working with graphics.
• Effectively applying blending.
• Using patterns in your design.
• Drawing and painting creatively.
• Using symbols effectively.
• Proofing and Printing.
• Increasing productivity and efficiency by recalling and identifying more relevant keyboard shortcuts.
• Understanding the fundamental roles of illustrator.
• Gaining a great knowledge of using Adobe illustrator features.
• Creating a new document from scratch for print and web.
• Acquiring good skills in vector drawings and layout designing based on golden ratio.
• Understanding navigation and measurement systems.
• Customizing the program to work in the way you want.
• Understanding and working with object.
• Applying fill, stroke and gradients.
• Working with points and path.
• Getting creative with type.
• Working with colors, swatches and color theory.
• Increasing productivity and efficiency by recalling and identifying relevant keyboard shortcuts.

Main Topics

• Introduction
• Starting Illustrator
• Objects
• Transforming Objects
• Fill and Strokes
• Modify Objects
• Type
• Points and Path
• How to Make a Logo
• Colors
• Fill, Stroke and Gradients
• Perspective Objects
• Graphics
• Make a Brand
• Effects
• Painting Brushes
• Drawing and Painting
• Symbols
• Blending
• Proofing and Printing