Track 1: Speaking phase outline (Let’s Talk 1)

  • Duration: 10 weeks

Track 1: Speaking phase outline (Let’s Talk 1)

Week Unit Pages Speaking Vocabulary Grammar
1 Unit 1: Communicating in English 4 -7 Introducing yourself and others Addresses, ages, nationalities, occupations, marital status Verb to be, simple present

Present continuous

Pages 94- 95

2 Unit 2: All kinds of people 8 – 11 Describing personal appearance; describing personality characteristics Adjectives to describe personality and appearance; Descriptions using be and have

Pages 96- 97

3 Unit 3: Free time 12 -15 Talking about hobbies, discussing extreme sports Hobbies and sports To+ verb

Verb +ing


4 Unit 4: People 16 -19 Talking about families; discussing living arrangements; describing a good friend Family members;

Characteristics of family arrangements and friends

Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives


5 Unit 5: Money 22- 25 Talking about shopping habits and preferences;

Giving compliments;

Suggesting gifts; discussing spending habits and attitudes

At the mall

Places to shop; clothing; phrases for shopping; words for sizes and preferences; ways to save money; gifts Present continuous


6 Unit 6: Travel and Tourism 26 -29 Describing past trips; taking a vacation survey; discussing famous places

At the airport

Adjectives to describe trips; vacation activities; famous places; things to take on vacation; words at the airport Simple past and past to be


7 Unit 7: Food and drink 30 -33 Talking about food; describing eating habits; planning a meal; describing traditional meals and unusual foods

At the restaurant

Foods and drinks; adjectives to describe food; places to eat Present perfect


8 Unit 8: Entertainment 34 – 37 Discussing movies and TV shows; taking a TV survey; planning a TV schedule

At the movies

Types of movies and TV shows; adjectives to describe movies and TV shows Future with be going to


9 Unit 9: Health 40 -43 Discussing healthy lifestyles; discussing health and sleep

At the clinic


Adjectives to describe a healthy lifestyle; healthy activities; phrases to describe sleep habits Adverbs of frequency


10 Unit 10: Self – improvement 44 – 47 Talking about ways to remember things; discussing problems and Ways to remember things; things people forget; problems and advice Imperatives


11 Unit 11: In the city 48 – 51 Asking for and giving directions; talking about cities; recommending places; planning a fun day out

At the hotel

Prepositions of place and directions; characteristics of cities; places to visit; At the hotel Asking for and giving directions


12 Unit 12: Customs 52 – 55 Talking about ways people celebrate holidays; discussing and giving advice about manners; comparing customs Holidays; ways to celebrate holidays; expressions about manners and customs Would for imaginary situations


13 Unit 13: Famous people 58 – 61 Talking about celebrities; discussing famous people from the past; role models Types of famous people; words and expressions to describe celebrities and famous people Would like/ love hate …


14 Unit 14: Home, sweet home 62 – 65 Talking about typical and unusual homes; describing things in a home Furniture and things in home; types of homes; characteristics of homes Quantifiers


15 Unit 15: Then and now 66 -69 Talking about games; sharing childhood memories; talking about fads; discussing what’s in and out of style Games; types of fads; toys; hairstyles and fashions Simple past and past continuous


16 Unit 16: The future 70 – 71 Talking about past achievements and regrets; talking about hopes and dreams; making predictions; describing the perfect future city Expressions about achievements and regrets; expressions to describe predictions Future with will